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18 Sep 2021


The digital age is rapidly changing the way we live and how we do business. Over the past few years we have witnessed numerous changes… Digital Advertising, Digital Currency, Mobile Applications and Digital Displays just to name a few. But what about Digital Business Cards… is it time for a change?

It won’t really matter what we think about the change. I personally prefer a quality printed business card. The quality of design, print and the paper used is what sets you out apart from the rest. Learning to accept and adapt to change even if it’s not within your control is always the smart option. A wise person once said, “Be the change that you want to see in this world” or “Accept and accept the change.” Mahatma Gandhi.

So it really doesn’t matter if we like it or not. It’s a change that’s currently happening. If you are against this change but feel that paper is better than screens, then amend it accordingly within your control.

So let us look at the positive factors of a Digital Business Card and how do we use it?

  • A Digital Business Card can serve as an option of either replacing your current standard paper business cards or having it as a backup by saving the electronic version of it on your mobile should you run out of the printed copies.
  • There is no set size and you may add more info than just contact links without the worry of space.
  • The electronic version contains hyper-links providing the user easy access to dial, email, link to your companies social media platform and much more.
  • Digital version is not only environmentally friendly, but cost affective and can provide your business with huge savings especially if you have more than 5 employees that require cards.
  • Saves you from carrying a stack to an event or meeting. Statistics show that 88% or people either throw out or misplace your card. 
  • Can have them easily updated without the cost of reprinting a batch.
  • Lastly, your details can easily be passed on upon referrals.

So these are just a few pointers from my observation which define the need for having a digital business card. There might not be many people who have switched to digital cards yet but trust me, it’s going to be normal in upcoming times. Also, are we not adapting to almost everything digital? Then why not a business card!

“Be the change that you want to see in this world” or “Accept and accept the change.” Mahatma Gandhi.

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